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Product Description

These beautiful natural air freshener blends use 100% pure essential oils to naturally freshen the air in any room.  Even the toughest odors are removed, leaving the room clean and smelling great.

• No artificial fragrances.
• Deodorize your space with the uplifting, calming scent of 100% pure citrus essential oils! Blended to enhance your energy and mood with all natural plant extracts.
• Long lasting and USA-made. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Did you know?

Standard air fresheners interfere with your ability to smell by releasing nerve-deadening agents that are also irritating to the respiratory tract, lungs and allergies.


Choose from our unique custom blends:

Warm and uplifting. Promotes feelings of comfort and cheer. 

Releases emotional blocks; brings about a feeling of balance; nostalgic.

Cinnamon Chai  
Comforts; encourages abundance; uplifting and anti-depressant; encourages sleep; stimulates dreams.

Cleanses and heals

Fresh Citrus
Calming; uplifting; promotes happiness.

Ginger Lemongrass
Stimulating and uplifting; promotes mental clarity, a sense of security and courage.

Jasmine Lemongrass
Improves memory; promotes mental clarity and accuracy; purifying, uplifting and antidepressant; supports health and well-being; stimulates and invigorates.

Calming; relaxing, balancing - both physically and emotionally

Promotes clarity of thought; invigorating, enhancing and warming; promotes intuitive awareness and purification; studies show that this scent reduced the number of errors in office workers by 54%

Original Scent
Mood lifting and calming

Patchouli Orange
Calming and clarifying, promotes a sense of balance and empowerment, uplifting and helps release negative emotions

Energizing and clarifying

Rosemary Mint
Improves clarity and focus; helps with mental fatigue; opens and releases mental block; brings about a feeling of balance and lasting sense of well-being; purifying and stimulating; increases mental accuracy and helps to relieve headache pain

Purifying, cleansing and balancing...smokeless sage

Summer Breeze
Empowers and emotionally stabilizes; filters out negative energy; restores confidence and peace; balances male and female energies; combats anger and low self-esteem; spiritual attunement.


Other Details

Distilled water, 100% pure essential oil blend, love and gratitude.


  • 5
    The scents are amazing!!!

    Posted by Laura on 13th Jul 2013

    I purchased both the lemongrass ginger and the uplifting/calming scent. Both scents are wonderful, not over powering. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • 5
    Pleasing natural scents

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2013

    Bought both the Rosemary Mint and the Patchouli. First time user of this product. Love the natural scents. Rosemary Mint is perfect to freshen up my stuffy office. Patchouli is very strong- great for the bathroom. However,a little goes a long way. If it were a bit milder, I'd prefer that.

  • 5
    No other product can compare!

    Posted by Sue Chamberlain on 9th Jul 2012

    I have been using this product for years and I have many scattered about; my car, my office, home upstairs and downstairs.
    Rosemary Mint is the absolute BEST!
    Thank you!

  • 5
    Effective and Cost Efficient

    Posted by Sally on 3rd Jul 2012

    I love the clean, fresh scent of the Lemongrass air freshener. Just a little goes a long way, so you use much less. The attractive bottle is small enough to take when you travel. And it's better for the environment. Definitely a win-win!

  • 5
    Rosemary & mint are my favorite !

    Posted by Barbara a Allgeier on 26th Apr 2012

    Just love the clean fresh smell, it just picks up your spirit. Love the way my house smells when I use it. Just a little goes a long way.

  • 5
    It lasts a long time!

    Posted by Darlene - drapoel salon & boutique on 13th Jul 2011

    Love the Jasmine Lemongrass & Patchouli orange! I spritz it throughout my salon daily, and keep it in the bathrooms for clients, they both smell great!

  • 5
    Lemongrass is my favorite!

    Posted by Elizabeth on 28th Mar 2011

    I won't use another Air Freshener except this one from "just naturals & co". The Lemongrass is my favorite. It's environmentally friendly for the air, and you do use less than other brands. It's a simple, yet tasteful bottle that can be left out in view. Thank you for making such a great product!!!!

  • 5
    Love the Forest Scent!

    Posted by Mike on 28th Mar 2011

    The Forest scent smells great. It lingers longer than any fabric freshener or air freshener on the market.

  • 5
    Wonderful Scent

    Posted by Sarah on 28th Mar 2011

    The Evergreen is such a wonderful scent and works well. I use so much less than other brands. I really like the fact that the packaging is nicely done and small enough to leave on the container.

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