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I hope everyone has exciting plans for the holiday, whether that includes a cook-out, spending the day hiking, sunbathing on the beach, or relaxing at home watching TV. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, make sure to stock up on our Healing Balm and Germ Buster Spray – both on sale this weekend!

With so many activities and plans, no one wants to be bogged down with sunburns and bug bites. However, our Healing Balm, made with shea butter, can be applied to those areas and provide soothing relief, so you can get right back to having fun!

The Healing Balm is non-greasy and long-lasting, so one application can reduce the bug-bite itch, sunburn sting, or skin chapping. Our sizes fit in backpacks or purses, even those fashionable fanny packs everyone is wearing! And if you’re like me and hate carrying a bag with you, our 0.15 ounce size can easily slide into your back pocket of your jean shorts!

Now that you’ve decided there is no good reason why you shouldn’t come in and get some Healing Balm, why not also stock up on Germ Buster? It can be used to kill germs on kitchen tables, patio furniture, office desks, and bathroom surfaces. Before and after having neighbors over for your annual Fourth of July cook-out, spray down those chairs and tables!

Germ Buster also works great for smelly and sweaty athletic equipment – trust me, you only sweat more in the summer heat. Its antiseptic properties in the lemon and spice oils prevent you from getting sick and spending the day on the couch instead of at the pool. So again – there is no good reason why you shouldn’t pick up a bottle or two.

As usual, all of our products are toxin-free and are made with the highest quality essential oils and natural ingredients, so you can be sure you’re bringing only the most natural products into your home. I guess the only thing left to decide this Fourth of July weekend is whether to watch fireworks in Manchester or Merrimack!

Happy Fourth everyone! See you next time!

Keep It Simple for the Summer!

Happy June everyone! This month, I highly recommend taking advantage of our sale on Dish and Laundry Pods! Perfect for traveling, our little packets keep your dishes and clothes clean and free of toxic chemicals.Amidst all those cookouts and graduation parties, your dishes are probably getting coated with barbecue sauce, chips and dip, and leftover [...]

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​Open up your home to summer with Just Naturals Aromatherapy Air Fresheners!

After such a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, the season of summer officially begins, and so do our seasonal sales! This week, we are spotlighting our Aromatherapy Air Fresheners, perfect for keeping bacteria away and your house smelling fresh and clean.Our Summer Breeze blend not only repels those pesky insects and removes odors, but it empowers, [...]

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Wow...you won't believe this!

Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in damages to cancer victim Perhaps this is a little reminiscent of the Tobacco industry stating for years that smoking cigarettes is safe. Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup (the common pesticide used by many people on their home lawns) has maintained for years that their product is safe for home and commercial use. Despite [...]

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Hot Tips for a Healthy Summer!

Hot Tips for a Healthy SummerSummer is here and it is time for some fun in the sun! Here are some helpful tips for a healthy, happy season!1. Apply Natural Sun Screen - It is important to have fun in the sun, but a summer without sunscreen can become a summer with many sunburns. Standard sunscreens contain many [...]

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10 Daily Steps for Getting Motivated in the New Year

10 Daily Steps for Getting Motivated and Energized in the New YearBy: Karen GirardoThe holidays are over and the busyness is finally subsiding. Perhaps you’re like me…I ate more sugar than normal, had more snacks, more wine, bigger meals and less exercise…ugh! I couldn’t wait for the holidays to get here so I could finally slow down and relax. While [...]

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Fall Into Healthy Home and Healthy Body Habits

With the change of season it’s time to rethink and refresh your home with natural scents. It’s so important not to use chemicals in your home especially in the winter. Most homes are air tight and with the windows closed the chemical toxins have no way to escape. What this does is create an environment where the airborne toxins float [...]

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Cinnamon Chai-Oh my!

Are you ready for fall? Boots, scarves, crisp mornings and cozy blankets?!As we send summer off and welcome autumn we also invite you to experience our sensational, seasonal scent; Cinnamon Chai! Our cinnamon chai products include foaming soaps, lotions, diffuser sticks, air fresheners and all purpose cleaners. Stop in and visit us as 176 S. River Rd in Bedford, [...]

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6 Steps to Creating a Healthy, Natural Home

One of my goals is to help educate people on how to make their home a healthier place to live. It’s all about making incremental improvements, going one step at a time to eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals from cleaning, laundry and personal care products. All the information and options can seem overwhelming, so I've [...]

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Get Rid of Harmful Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products

What is the largest organ in your body? It’s your skin! The average adult has over 21 square feet of skin surface area. Although your skin acts like a protective barrier your pores allow everything you come in contact with to flow directly into your bloodstream.In this day of automobile, food & product recalls when was the last [...]

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