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Fall Into Healthy Home and Healthy Body Habits

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With the change of season it’s time to rethink and refresh your home with natural scents. It’s so important not to use chemicals in your home especially in the winter. Most homes are air tight and with the windows closed the chemical toxins have no way to escape. What this does is create an environment where the airborne toxins float around to be ingested by you and your family. Pure ingredients such as essential oils keep your family from getting sick from cleaning toxins.

The ever popular antibacterial products are extremely toxic for both humans and animals. A study at UC Davis found that triclosan impairs muscle cells. The heart is a muscle and the study concluded that triclosan created muscle contractions which hindered muscle movement including heartbeats. When triclosan was present in the body it caused skeletal and cardiac muscle failure. Mice that were under anesthesia had a 25 percent reduction in heart function within 20 minutes of being exposed to tricolsan. Triclosan is the primary chemical antibacterial ingredient that is found in most off-the-shelf home and body products.

“The effects of triclosan on cardiac function were really dramatic,” said NipavanChiamvimonvat, professor of cardiovascular medicine at UC Davis and a study co-author. “Although triclosan is not regulated as a drug, this compound acts like a potent cardiac depressant in our models.”

After a single dose of triclosan mice had an 18 percent reduction for up to 60 minutes in their grip strength. “Grip strength is a widely used measure of mouse limb strength, employed to investigate the effects of drugs and neuromuscular disorders.”If mice are so dramatically effected we can only guess what this chemical is doing to us and our babies.

When you decide to use essential oils in your home it is a healthy decision for your family and your pets! Essential oils naturally kill bacteria without altering muscle cells or DNA and they are better for your immune system as well.

The CDC has long asked that antibacterial products cease to be manufactured; essential oils, used in appropriate dilutions, are not harmful to your family, your pets or the environment in the way that chemical antibacterial are.

Essential oils that have antibacterial properties are as follows:

Bergamot, Cassia, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lemon tea tree, Myrtle, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Thyme

Essential oils have many benefits and purposes, below is a list of essential oils/blends found at justnaturals.com and some of their benefits;

Balsam: releases emotional blocks; brings about a feeling of balance; nostalgic (antibacterial)

Chai Blend: balancing, grounding and creates a sense of protection. (antibacterial)

Cinnamon Spice Blend: comforting, encourages abundance, uplifting and anti-depressant, encourages sleep and stimulates dreams (antibacterial)

Eucalyptus: cleansing and healing (antibacterial)

Fennel Clove: comforting, promotes a sense of security and strength, boosts immunity. (antibacterial)

Ginger Lemongrass: stimulating and uplifting, promotes mental clarity, a sense of security and courage. (antibacterial)

Fresh Citrus Blend: calming, uplifting and promotes happiness

Jasmine Lemongrass: improves memory, promotes mental clarity and accuracy, purifying, uplifting and antidepressant, supports health and well-being, stimulating and invigorating. (antibacterial)

Lavender: calming; relaxing, balancing - both physically & emotionally (antibacterial)

Lavender/Eucalyptus: promotes health & wellbeing; promotes purification & healing; calming & relaxing; balancing - both physically & emotionally (antibacterial)

Lemongrass: promotes clarity of thought; invigorating, enhancing & warming; promotes intuitive awareness & purification. (antibacterial)

Patchouli Orange: calming and clarifying, promotes a sense of balance and empowerment, uplifting and helps release negative emotions. (antibacterial)

Rosemary Mint Blend: improves clarity & focus; helps with mental fatigue; opens & releases mental block; brings about a feeling of balance & lasting sense of well-being; purifying & stimulating; increases mental accuracy & helps to relieve headache pain (antibacterial)

Sage: purifying, cleansing and balancing...smokeless sage

Summer Breeze Blend: empowering & emotionally stabilizing; filters out negative energy; restores confidence & peace; balances male & female energies; combats anger & low self-esteem; spiritual attunement.

Essential oils are a natural alternative to toxic home and body ingredients. It’s never too late to begin a healthy habit!

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