10 Daily Steps for Getting Motivated in the New Year

Karen Girardo on 11th Jan 2018

10 Daily Steps for Getting Motivated and Energized in the New Year

By: Karen Girardo

The holidays are over and the busyness is finally subsiding. Perhaps you’re like me…I ate more sugar than normal, had more snacks, more wine, bigger meals and less exercise…ugh! I couldn’t wait for the holidays to get here so I could finally slow down and relax.

While it was great seeing family and friends and partaking in the festivities of the holidays, I now feel sluggish and under motivated. I keep thinking about how much I’d like to take a nap! It’s cold, gray and snowy outside…I can’t wait for longer days as I, like most people, get very energized by daylight.

While I wait for the days to get longer I know that it’s up to me to motivate myself and make the most of each day. So here are some steps that I find useful:

  1. Start each morning with a big cup of coffee, tea (or whatever warms you)
  2. I sit quietly by myself in my favorite room (with a view and my twinkle lights on)
  3. I give thanks to the day, my family, my warm home, my health, etc.
  4. I start tuning into myself and think about how I feel, both physically and emotionally.
  5. For anything that is ailing me or bothering me I begin to give gratitude as though the situation was already resolved. For example: if my back is sore I give thanks for my healthy back. If I am feeling a little down, I give thanks for my wonderful life. If the bank account is a little low, I give thanks for all the abundance in my account and in my life, etc.
  6. I think about how I would like my day to go, or what outcomes I would like for the day and I select a couple of positive thoughts/phrases that reinforce that. Sometimes I write them down and put them in my pocket to review throughout the day.
  7. Whatever the challenges are, I look to reinforce the opposite. I end each gratitude with a thank you (its thanking the universe, God or the higher power)
  8. One-five minutes of quiet mediation can do wonders for your psyche and your stress levels. Meditation doesn’t have to be hard…just sit, clear your mind and breathe.
  9. We all have so much to be grateful for, we just have to focus on it! When negative thoughts enter my mind I do my best to focus on something positive…don’t give power to the negative.
  10. While I might not have a lot of time to exercise in the morning I try to take a couple of minutes to do some jumping jacks on my mini trampoline called a rebounder. As I jump up and down I say thank you with each jump. It does a lot to get your lymph system moving, clear your brain and amp up your Chi.

    These simple steps help me feel balanced, energized and ready for the day!

                                         Cheers to you in 2018!