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6 Steps to Creating a Healthy, Natural Home

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One of my goals is to help educate people on how to make their home a healthier place to live. It’s all about making incremental improvements, going one step at a time to eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals from cleaning, laundry and personal care products. All the information and options can seem overwhelming, so I've broken it down into 6 steps, going after the biggest impact areas first: 

Step 1: Change Out Your Laundry Products:

Since our skin is our largest organ on our body and 60% of what touches the skin get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, switching your laundry products has the most impact.

  • You wear your clothes all day long and sleep in your sheets all night long...as a result you are absorbing and breathing the chemicals from your laundry products 24 hours a day. Don't be fooled by products that that state they are fragrance free...they still contain phthalates and petroleum based products. In many cases additional products are used to mask scents.
  • From the information that I've gathered over time, my personal belief is that our laundry products may well be at the root of many of our health issues (allergies, asthma, weakened immune system, Alzheimer's, etc.) due to the fact that we are continuously absorbing the toxins through our clothes, which means that our body has to constantly work to try to process those toxins out of our system. Our body is not getting a break and while it's busy trying to filter toxins, it isn't working on other things. Something has to give. And remember, all those toxins don't exit our system; they store in our fat cells and build up over time.
  • Just Naturals laundry solutions include lavender laundry powder, oxygen bleach, whitener & destainer, reusable fabric dryer sheets, lavender fabric softener, orange spot degreaser, laundry pretreatment, and lavender dryer sachets.

Step 2: Change Out Your Front-line Cleaning Products and Use a Fruit and Veggie Wash.

  • Your front-line cleaning products are those products that you use with the most regularity. 
  • Cleaning products are known neurotoxins, affecting the brain and spine (children's developing cells are more easily damaged and their immune system is less developed). Why take any chance with your family?
  • Toxins from the products you use don't just exit the home. They remain for a period of time, filtering down to the lowest level, the floor (the place that young children play and our pets reside)...the air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. 
  • Toxic shower residue resides in your tub. You absorb this residue through the pores on your feet into your bloodstream and through your lungs from the mist of the shower.
  • Toilet cleaners are known to be very toxic to you and the environment.
  • Standard glass cleaners contain ammonia which is an instant asthma trigger. It is harmful to your lungs and your central nervous system.
  • Dish detergent is the number one cause of household poisonings! 
  • Standard dishwasher products contain chlorine bleach which is known to be harmful to the heart and lungs.
  • As for using a fruit and veggie wash think of this...pesticides are water insoluble. They don't wash off in water so that farmers don't have to reapply every time it rains. Recently pesticides have been linked to infertility and Parkinson's disease. Just as important, our food has been handled and mishandled by many people and may harbor harmful bacteria. Whether you buy organic or not, it is always important to wash your fruits and vegetables.
  • Just Naturals cleaning solutions include shower/tub cleaner, glass cleaner, microfiber cloths, lavender dish soap, natural dishwasher powder, all purpose & granite cleaner, and organic fruit & veggie wash.

Step 3: Change Out Your Primary Body Products, Especially Your Soaps and Shampoos.

As previously mentioned, your skin is your largest organ and, after laundry products this is the next most significant item to be absorbed by your skin. You typically shower every day using soap and shampoo, then apply moisturizers, lotions and body sprays or perfumes.

  • Ingredients in commercial soaps are synthetic fragrances (made from crude petroleum oil), animal fat, dyes, isopropyl alcohol and chemical preservatives. Most body washes and shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate. All of these items are among the most unwanted ingredients in your personal care products.
  • Products such as bug spray, shaving cream, deodorant, toothpaste, perfume, hair sprays and make-up all contain harmful chemicals. Some of these products are made with known carcinogens that are prohibited in other countries. 
  • Just Naturals personal care solutions include bug-off natural bug spray, organic foaming hand soap, organic bath bar soap, organic bath gel, sulfate -free shampoo and conditioner, face products, herbal lotions, body mists and roll-ons, luxurious healing butter cream, baby products, salt scrubs and foot pampering products.

Step 4: Change Out Your Air Fresheners, Candles and Fragrances.

There has been a lot of information in the news recently regarding the toxic affects of candles due to the petroleum products and artificial fragrances they contain. 

  • Some studies showed that burning candles and using certain air fresheners can be as harmful as, or more harmful than smoking.
  • Artificial fragrances are the number one respiratory irritant and all have one thing in common; they are made from crude petroleum oil. Artificial fragrances are one of the most common allergy and lung irritants. Asthma is now the number one reason for missed school days for children. 
  • The active ingredients in Just Naturals aromatherapy products are pure essential oils which freshen, deodorize and disinfect–naturally.
  • Just Naturals aromatherapy solutions include air fresheners and room deodorizers, body mists, linen sprays, aromatherapy stick diffusers, lavender soy candles, and germ buster spray.

Step 5: Replace Your Secondary Line of Cleaners.

These are the cleaners that you may not use as frequently, but can be some of the most toxic products that you use in your home. 

  • They include disinfecting sprays, furniture polish, calcium and rust remover, carpet stain remover and mold and mildew remover. 
  • It can take up to a year to get rid of the toxic effects of spraying just one ounce of disinfecting spray in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Many of these products can have a direct affect on your central nervous system, liver and lungs (within 26 seconds of being exposed to a chemical, traces of that chemical can be found in every organ of your body).
  • Just Naturals secondary line cleaning solutions include germ buster (air and surface sanitizer), mineral remover, natural furniture polish, just oxy bleach alternative, natural floor cleaner and carpet cleaner.

Step 6: Change Out Traditional Pet Products.

Our pets are very affected by chemicals. Since they are smaller and closer to the floor they often get more of the harmful affects. Pets ingest harmful chemicals when they lick their paws and fur after coming into contact with toxic floor cleaners. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to liver failure.

  • Pets are affected just as we are by shampoos, deodorizers and sprays. Cancers and tumors in pets have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Changing out their chemically based products will help to ensure them of a longer, healthier life.
  • Just Naturals pet care solutions include bug-off natural bug spray, organic pet shampoo, just oxy bleach alternative and lavender laundry soap for washing pet beds, all-natural dog deodorizing spray, and dog bed and carpet deodorizer.

Your key to a better life and better tomorrow is to go just natural one step at a time!

sources: American Lung Assoc, Cancer Prevention Coalition-Univ. of Illinois, City of Boulder-Environmental Affairs, NPR.org, Prevention.com

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