Cinnamon Chai-Oh my!

Karen Girardo on 26th Oct 2017

Are you ready for fall? Boots, scarves, crisp mornings and cozy blankets?!

As we send summer off and welcome autumn we also invite you to experience our sensational, seasonal scent; Cinnamon Chai!

Our cinnamon chai products include foaming soaps, lotions, diffuser sticks, air fresheners and all purpose cleaners. Stop in and visit us as 176 S. River Rd in Bedford, NH or online at

Many of us know and understand the health benefits of aromatherapy but we’d like to give you a deeper look into cinnamon chai. When you think of cinnamon most people get warm, spicy, comforting feelings. We relate to the scent very much on an emotional level however; cinnamon has many health benefits too!

Cinnamon is grown in warm, tropical climates; those warm and spicy thoughts and feelings that you get from the scent and taste of cinnamon is right on point. The energy from the cinnamon bark translates into purposeful use. Cinnamon is known for its mineral properties of iron, calcium and manganese, all vital minerals in our daily lives. Additionally, cinnamon is a digestive aid and used as a cramp relief. It is emotionally stimulating and helps with concentration.

We choose oils wisely, using the highest of grades and cinnamon chai was formulated with a purpose in mind. The spice is known for its antiseptic and antiviral uses - hello all purpose cleaner!. So, while you are lovingly fall cleaning the house or pampering yourself in our cinnamon chai lotion, stop for a moment. Revel in the experience and inhale the many, many amazing benefits of cinnamon chai. Most importantly, remember that you are doing well not only for your home but for your health, the health of your family and the environment.

We can’t wait to help you explore aromatherapy…Cinnamon Chai currently on sale!