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Energize your Home with the Fresh Spring Scent of Jasmine Lemongrass!

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When we think spring, we think refreshing, uplifting, energizing and no snow! At Just Naturals we are dedicated to help our consumers live optimally; we want you to feel refreshed, uplifted and energized. That is why we would like to introduce you to our fabulous Jasmine Lemongrass blend!

Jasmine and Lemongrass individually offer ample benefits. Jasmine stimulates feelings of strength, warmth and vitality. The oil helps you find your own inner support and strength, rooting yourself into your own center and allowing you to seek, find, and receive support in new ways. Lemongrass is used widely in our products for its amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties but the scent of lemongrass has great benefits to the human senses, It helps you calm down and relieves stress and helps with insomnia. Just a few drops of lemongrass oil in an aromatherapy diffuser and you can easily get a good night sleep, better yet, put our Jasmine Lemongrass diffuser by your bed.

Learning what these oils can do for your inner world, imagine how your home can thrive. Jasmine Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soaps used to wash away stress and naturally enhance feelings of energy, spray down your counters and appliances with the lovely Jasmine Lemongrass All Purpose Cleaner and know that it not only smells fresh, all is clean! Maybe the bedroom or laundry room needs a lift; we have Jasmine Lemongrass Air Freshener for that as well!

Perhaps you have a favorite go-to scent at Just Naturals, that’s great, however, you may want to step out of your comfort zone and try this amazing, healing blend. Spray, clean or wash away winter grays with Jasmine Lemongrass! For a limited time only we are offering 20% off of all Jasmine Lemongrass products including all-purpose cleaner, You can shop online at www.justnaturals.com or at our shop in Bedford, NH.

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