​FALL in love with Just Naturals!

Jillian LeVeille on 7th Oct 2019

Hello everyone! Fall has arrived and we have just what you need to keep you and your family healthy and happy all season long. The temps are dropping and viruses are starting to pop up in the schools and at work. Our Germ Buster products and Hand Sani sprays are on sale NOW to help you fight back!

Our Germ Buster spray is a highly effective natural disinfectant that can be used on kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces, tables and chairs and anything else that might need deodorizing and refreshing. This unique oil blend packs a serious punch against viruses and bacteria.

Germ Buster is perfect for athletic equipment and gear too! Smelly cleats, sweaty shin pads, and helmets can all be refreshed with a couple of sprays! Now you can send your kids off to practice or school confident that they smell clean and are safe from the germs found in the locker room!

Our Hand Sani sprays are great for use throughout the work or school day. They are incredibly effective at killing bacteria but won’t leave your hands feeling dry. We have 3 uplifting scents to choose from in our Rosemary Mint, Citrus Spice, and Lemon Coconut. There is no doubt that you’ll find one you’ll love.

To sweeten the deal Hand Sani sprays and Germ Busters fit conveniently in your kids backpacks or any other bag, making them the perfect school companions. While your kids are studying hard, our Just Naturals products are working even harder to keep them healthy.

See you next time!