Hot Tips for a Healthy Summer!

13th Jul 2018

Hot Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is here and it is time for some fun in the sun! Here are some helpful tips for a healthy, happy season!

1. Apply Natural Sun Screen
- It is important to have fun in the sun, but a summer without sunscreen can become a summer with many sunburns. Standard sunscreens contain many toxic chemicals! Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of too much sun with frequent application of natural sunscreen.

2. Apply Natural Bug Spray

- It’s the season of mosquitoes, black flies and ticks, which can be carriers of harmful diseases. Effective natural bug repellent is a key part of having a healthy and happy summer. Make the most of DEET-Free, chemical-free bug sprays to avoid toxins and chemicals, such as Natural Bug Spray from Just Naturals.

3. Drink Water Often

- Frequent hydration is a vital aspect of our health as humans, especially during the summer! Our bodies easily become depleted/ dehydrated in this warm weather, so make sure to drink water often throughout the day.

4. Snack on Fresh Veggies & Fruits

- Snacking is a healthy habit, as long as the food you munch on is fresh and nutritious. Fruits and vegetables taste good and are good for you, so take advantage of local produce this summer!

5. Get Outdoors

- Spend time in nature this season for healthy amounts of Vitamin D (essential for a healthy immune system), exercise and the happiness that follows. Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors, whether you're hiking, swimming, boating or just relaxing in the sun!