Keep It Simple for the Summer!

Jillian LeVeille on 13th Jun 2019

Happy June everyone! This month, I highly recommend taking advantage of our sale on Dish and Laundry Pods! Perfect for traveling, our little packets keep your dishes and clothes clean and free of toxic chemicals.

Amidst all those cookouts and graduation parties, your dishes are probably getting coated with barbecue sauce, chips and dip, and leftover ice cream or frosting. Instead of being stuck inside scrubbing your plates, you can pop in a Dish Pod and spend more time with family and friends in the warm summer sunshine.

Our Dish Pods are toxin-free and contain no chlorine, phosphates, dyes or artificial fragrances. Additionally, they are septic safe and require no extra rinsing – just other added bonuses giving you more time to spend with your loved ones!

Our Laundry Pods are just as great! They are super easy to use; just toss one into the washer with your clothes, and it does the rest for you. It is perfect if you are going on a vacation or heading to your summer home for some much needed relaxation.

Also, with it being graduation season, you can give that new grad some Laundry Pods to bring with them to school next year! Being a college student myself, the Pods are so much easier to use at school (since I don’t have to carry a large bottle of detergent along with the heaping pile of clothes that I may or may not have been ignoring for three weeks). Believe me; I would give anything if someone else bought me laundry detergent so I didn’t have to buy it myself.

Just like our Dish Pods, our Laundry Pods are septic safe! You can stop in the store and take advantage of our sale, or visit our website and place an order to be shipped. Either way, our Laundry and Dish Pods are sure to keep you clean and healthy all summer long and well into the next school year for the grad in your life!

See you next time!