​Open up your home to summer with Just Naturals Aromatherapy Air Fresheners!

Jillian LeVeille on 30th May 2019

After such a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, the season of summer officially begins, and so do our seasonal sales! This week, we are spotlighting our Aromatherapy Air Fresheners, perfect for keeping bacteria away and your house smelling fresh and clean.

Our Summer Breeze blend not only repels those pesky insects and removes odors, but it empowers, helps improve low self-esteem, and restores confidence – which is perfect during these months of skin-baring beach days and sitting poolside.

For those of us who want to add a little zest to our home, try the Fresh Citrus scent (which is personally my favorite). The tinge of orange in the essential oil blend will turn your winter frown upside down and fight pathogens that could lead to illness, throwing a wrench in that camping trip you had planned.

Summer can also be a time of cleansing and removing those toxins in your life that might have built up behind closed windows. Our Air Freshener in Jasmine Lemongrass purifies, supports health and well-being, and sharpens mental clarity and accuracy.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then might I add that these seasonal scents are all antiseptic, which means that you’ll be protected from disease-causing microorganisms, ensuring more time to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. You can find these scents and several others at JustNaturals.com or stop in the shop at 176 S. River Rd. in Bedford, NH on your way to the beach.

However you spend your summers, make Just Naturals Aromatherapy Air Freshener a staple in your home – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

See you next time!