Soothing for Summer Skin!

Soothing for Summer Skin!

Jillian LeVeille on 25th Jul 2019

One of my favorite summer activities is going to the beach; I can lounge on the sand, read a good book, or go for a refreshing dip in the cool, salty sea waters. However, all that sun and swimming can leave my skin feeling dry and dehydrated, not to mention sticky from the layers of sunscreen.

Luckily, Just Naturals' Healing Butter Cream is a perfect solution to this problem. Made from a combination of shea, aloe leaf juice, cocoa and mango butters, this emollient cream effortlessly hydrates your skin, leaving you silky, smooth, and smelling fantastic. Because the shea butter protects against harmful UV rays, you can even apply the cream in the morning before you head out in the sun. The best part is that it doesn’t leave you greasy – which is a drawback that I find with a lot of other products, – and as usual, there are no toxins or chemicals in this product!

If you forget to apply before basking in the summer sun, the ultra-moisturizing formula can also help heal any sunburn you might develop. I went on a trip to Belize last year, and I came back as red as a lobster! I applied some Healing Butter Cream to the sunburned areas and watched the burn slowly fade without peeling!

It was incredible! After years of shedding a second skin whenever I was sunburned, I was so happy I found a product that prevented the peeling, nourished my skin, and made me smell amazing! I used the almond scented one, but if you aren’t too nutty about that scent, we have orange, lavender, rosemary mint, and even unscented (which is perfect for people you have eczema or other sensitivities).

If I haven’t buttered up this amazing product enough, just wait. Our Healing Butter Cream is on sale – right now! Get our 2-ounce tub to try or to pack for your summer adventures, or grab our 4-ounce size for double the butter! Being one of Just Naturals' most popular body care products, get our Healing Butter Cream before they fly off the shelves! 

See you next time!