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Product Description

Our ultra-concentrated powdered non chlorine bleach yields  exceptional results in all water temperatures, breaking down and removing organic stains and odors. Just Oxy is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine-based products. An absolute must for laundry and household

Many Uses:

Baby: stains and diapers
Destain, deodorize, whiten.
Drains: Keeps your sink and tub drains and disposals clear and smelling great. Safe for septics!
Carpets and Upholstery: Removes fresh and old spots (especially pet accidents).
Marine: Deck cleaning, boat cleaning, mildew removal and more!
Pet: Carpet stains, pet bedding.

• Ideal for people with allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). 
• A brighter, whiter, feel-good clean! Contains no phosphates, chlorines, acids, dyes or artificial fragrances.
• For use at all temperatures on most washable fabrics and all colors, in hard or soft water.
• USA-made. Satisfaction guaranteed!

• Read more about Just Oxy in our product information guide.


Did you know?

• Indoor use of chlorine bleach dramatically reduces air quality and is toxic to humans, animals and the environment.
• Toxic bleach fumes contribute to asthma, hay fever and heart disease. 


Other Details

Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, love and gratitude.


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    Great products for folks with multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies.

    Posted by Stephanie Price on 11th Jan 2017

    I have a disease called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Due to that disease I have multiple chemical sensitivities, and many enviornmental allergy type intolorences and reactions. These products are the safest cleaners I've found yet and they work great! Thank you for a great product and company!

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    Septic System LOVES Just Oxy!

    Posted by Sue Davis, Concord, NH on 14th Feb 2013

    We have a 3 yr old new home. After living here for 18 mos. our septic system backed up. There are only 2 of us in our home so this was completely unexpected! We had it pumped out and 13 mos. later the same thing happened! When the guys came to pump it out I was sure to be home to look inside (not pleasant...but necessary)! He showed me this thick black gunk inside and proceeded to list off all of the detergents and cleaning products that I was using...Tide, Cascade, Finish, Downy, etc. He told me those products are the culprits to clogging up our septic system. That day I stopped using all of the products and changed to all natural products from Just Naturals. This past Fall I realized we were 16 mos. into my experiment and winter was quickly approaching so without a traumatic event with our septic system backing up, we called the guys to come out to take a look. When he opened it up it was as clean as a whistle! There was NO black gunk anywhere and it was the cleanest septic tank in NH! The guy looked at me and asked me what I had changed...the rest is history! Septic systems are expensive to replace and even expensive to have pumped out...these products are saving those of us with septic systems more money than we ever could imagine! Thank you, Just Naturals!!

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    Great addition to detergent

    Posted by Sarah on 7th Apr 2011

    I have found this to be a great addition to the laundry detergent and use it to remove odor from sports clothing without damaging the fabric.

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    Removes motor oil

    Posted by Barb in Nashua on 7th Apr 2011

    I've successfully used this product to remove a fresh motor oil stain on the carpet of our new boat, and to remove an old pet stain on my living room carpet. It's amazing!

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