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Product Description

The safe, effective and toxin-free way to clean, whiten and sanitize–stubborn stains go right down the drain! Our natural toilet bowl cleaner is the perfect alternative to commercial brands that contain toxic chemicals. Naturally derived cleaning agents do a marvelous job without scratching porcelain surfaces.

• Ideal for people with allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).
• Free of noxious odors and harmful, caustic ingredients. 
• No acids, chlorine, phosphates, abrasives or fragrances.
• Flushes clean.
• Safe for septics and the environment.
• You'll notice a slight fizzing action that lets you know the natural salts are cleaning and sanitizing.
• If you struggle with hard water deposits like calcium, lime or rust stains - use our non-toxic Mineral Remover. 

Did you know?

Most toilet bowl cleaners contain highly corrosive acids that can burn. Inhalation of fumes may interfere with brain function and affect lungs.

Other Details

Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, love and gratitude.


  • 5

    Posted by Kathy D. on 4th Jun 2013

    Another great result. I ordered this and many other things and I'm so impressed. This really cleaned the toilets very well. Better than the chemical crap I use to buy.

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    Sparkling Clean!

    Posted by Gloria Laliberte on 26th Dec 2011

    I only rencently started using Just Natural Products (about three weeks). I keep going back to try more items. I have been very pleased with all so far. The Just Oxy toilet bowl cleaner in great. The toilet bowl stays cleaner longer, and we have a low water usage toilet.

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    Posted by Kelly on 30th Mar 2011

    Unbelieveable. This product removed stains that nothing else would and I have tried everything else. It's amazing!

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    So Glad I Found This!

    Posted by Rachelle on 30th Mar 2011

    I am so glad I found this! It is one of the best toilet bowl cleaners I have ever used. Cleans wonderfully and keeps my toilet bowls clean for quite sometime! I have a septic and feel much better using this product. Very economical as well! Well worth it!

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    I only use Just Naturals cleaners!

    Posted by Barb in Nashua on 30th Mar 2011

    Just Naturals' is the ONLY cleaner that I will use in my toilets - both at home and at our summer home. We are very careful with the products we use at our lake house, and find this to be both effective and safe for our septic system. I never feel guilty flushing this down!

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