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All Natural Cleaning Tips


All Natural Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home


Tub and Sink Cleaning: Spray Just Naturals Shower and Tub Cleaner on your tub, shower or sink and let sit for 30 seconds before wiping down with your microfiber cloth. No rinsing required! Definitely makes the cleaning easier in just half the time.

Household scrub: For stubborn stains in the base of the bathtub and for old porcelain tubs and sinks, use Just Naturals household scrub with a microfiber cloth. Wet surface, sprinkle with household scrub and let sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with your microfiber cloth. Rinse when done. Our chlorine free formula is kind to you and the environment.

Toilet Cleaning: Put one scoop of Just Oxy Toilet Scrub in your toilet bowl, swish around your toilet brush, let sit for 20 minutes, swish with your brush again and your done. Toilets stay cleaner longer too!

For cleaning around the toilet we suggest using a separate microfiber that you designate for the toilet (mark the label with a sharpie). Use your Shower and Tub Cleaner bathroom cleaner with the microfiber cloth to wipe clean.

General Cleaning:

Just Naturals All Purpose Cleaner is great on all surfaces including Granite, Marble and Stainless Steel appliances. Use for quick clean ups in bathrooms, kitchens, and all around the house and car… be sure to use this product with a small microfiber cloth. It does an amazing job with little effort. Just spray and wipe.

Just Orange Ready To Use Cleaner does an amazing job on tough to clean areas such as stove tops, inside refrigerators, cupboards, drawers, baseboards and woodwork. Just spray onto microfiber cloth or onto surface and wipe. You won’t believe how easy your cleaning will be.

For baked on messes on stovetop just spray and let sit a few minutes before wiping with your microfiber cloth.

Floor Cleaning just got a whole lot easier. Simply spray Just Naturals floor cleaner on your floor and use your microfiber mop. Your floor has never looked cleaner. When you’re done, just peel off the mop pad and wash in your sink or washing machine with soap and hot/warm water and just hang to dry. For bathrooms or more challenging jobs use Just Orange ready to use with your mop.

Window and Glass Cleaning:

Use Just Naturals glass cleaner with the microfiber cloth made for glass and you will be amazed at how easy your job is. No lint, no streaking…window cleaning time is cut in half! When you’re done just follow the instructions for cleaning your microfiber cloths.

Oven Cleaning:

Use Orange 100 concentrate with a little water on a warm oven. Let sit for a few minutes to improve results. Use with your microfiber. Not intended for heavy, caked-on, once-a-year cleanings. Refer to our product brochure for more cleaning tips.

Dish Washer:

Just oxy dishwasher powder works great. No rinse-aid needed. Use 1T per load – put ½ T in the closed compartment and ½ T in the open compartment. Safe for septics! Not for use on sterling plated silver.

Microfiber Cloths:

This is one cleaning tool that you won't want to be without. Microfiber cloth are great for all your cleaning needs...counters, cabinets, stove tops, refrigerators, granite, windows, car cleaning, glasses, etc. They work best when slightly damp. Use with your all-purpose cleaner, just orange cleaner, glass cleaner and shower& tub cleaner. Using a microfiber literally cuts your cleaning time in half. I've never found anything that works better than this microfiber (this was tested in a hospital environment and found to be the most effective)! Other microfibers just are not the same.

Be sure to wash micro fiber products in warm or hot water with a little soap, without bleach or fabric softener! You can put in the dryer or just hang to dry. Good for about 300 washings!

Veggie Wash:

To clean apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, etc., spray Just Naturals Fruit & Veggie Wash on your produce, rub for 15 seconds and rinse.

Cleaning lettuce, grapes, and berries place in a bowl. Cover produce with water and about 15 sprays of veggie wash. Agitate for 20 seconds and rinse twice. You can soak grapes a little longer if you like.

Use your veggie wash for more than just fruits and vegetables:

  • It’s great for use when rinsing tops of cans.
  • Also use to wash your eggs (the shell of the egg is where the salmonella typically resides).


Lavender Laundry Soap: This low sudsing, concentrated laundry soap is great for high efficiency machines as well as standard washers. Use only one ounce per average load (1/2 scoop). For larger loads use ¾ scoop.

Great soap for baby clothes and bedding…no toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances! Very gentle.

We suggest that you use our Just Oxy Oxygen Bleach to whiten whites and lift stains (see our product brochure for more detailed information. 1-2 scoops for whites and ½ scoop for most other loads.

For extra whitening, shut your machine off and let your clothes soak for a couple of hours or soak your whites overnight and then start up the washer in the morning.

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