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Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals

replace traditional product*...


...with this just naturals product**

formula 409   just orange ready to use & concentrate
airwick   room deodorizers & aromatherapy sticks
ant killer   just orange concentrate
bounce fabric sheets   reusable fabric dryer sheets & sachets
CLR   mineral magic
cascade dishwasher products   just oxy dishwasher powder (chlorine free)
chlorox & other toilet cleaners   just oxy toilet cleaner
chlorox bleach   just oxy destainer & deodorizer
coffee pot cleaner   mineral magic or just oxy destainer
comet/Ajax   oxy scrub kitchen & bath cleanser
dawn/Joy   lavender dish soap
anti-bacterial hand soap   organic foaming hand soap (tea tree formulas)
downy   lavender fabric softener
ivory/dial   handmade, olive oil bar soaps (coming soon to website!)
lysol   germ buster spray or Benefect
murphy's oil soap   natural floor cleaner or all-purpose cleaner
off   bug off natural bug repellent
pledge/endust   natural shine furniture polish
resolve spot remover   just oxy destainer & water
scrubbing bubbles   shower & tub cleaner & microfiber cloth
tide   lavender laundry powder
windex   glass cleaner & microfiber cloth
yankee candle   soy & palm wax candles or aromatherapy sticks

*read important information on toxins in traditional cleaning & laundry products

** for optimal performance of all cleaning products, use our microfiber cloth & mop (removes 99.9% of bacteria with a single swipe)

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