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Information on Toxins


Toxic Chemicals are everywhere!

At just naturals, we believe that every one of us has the ability to help protect our families and the environment through education and adoption of a healthier lifestyle. We hope the following information will help our customers create a healthy home environment by learning how to avoid the most common toxic offenders. Toxic chemicals are everywhere:

  • in traditional cleaning & laundry products
  • in our food as additives and preservatives
  • on our produce from pesticide use
  • in our cosmetics and skin care products

Chemicals in the environment are a leading cause of many types of deadly cancer, central nervous system disorders, pulmonary disease and respiratory distress. 

We can reduce our personal risk by using natural cleaning and skin care products, buying organic produce whenever possible, and thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides and germs like e-coli and salmonella.

Learn more online at the Center for Disease Control & Prevention website

Who is at risk?

While environmental contaminants pose a threat to all living beings, studies have shown that the risk to children and pets is highest:

  • Airborne and food borne toxins interfere with a child's neurological development
  • Children consume proportionately more food and water than adults, resulting in greater ingestion of toxins. Read more at Alliance for Healthy Homes
  • Pets ingest large amounts of pesticides from tap water and inhale toxic lawn care residue.
  • Pets ingest harmful chemicals from floor and carpet cleaners by licking their paws and fur, frequently leading to fatal liver damage

The biggest offenders... are they in your home?

Look under your sink, and chances are you'll find an arsenal of toxins that pose a risk to your entire household's health. From disinfectants to toilet bowl cleaners, furniture polish to fabric softeners, the offenders wait patiently for you to unwittingly unleash their terror on your family and pets. We hope you'll take just a few minutes to learn about the truly harmful effects these products present, and to reconsider whether that "clean smell" is really such a desirable thing:

  • Ammonia in glass and floor cleaners can cause skin blisters and dermatitis as well as blindness and lung damage. Read more about ammonia risk
  • Benzene in detergent, furniture polish, paint & solvents is a classified carcinogen. Read more about benzene risk
  • Chlorine used to make bleach for dish and laundry detergents emits toxic vapors and leaves behind harmful residue. Read more about chlorine risk.
  • Formaldehyde exposure from tobacco smoke, gas or kerosene heaters, fabric softeners, new carpet, fingernail polish and other sources is a suspected carcinogen and is linked to cancer of the nose and throat. Read more about formaldehyde risk.
  • Pesticides found on fruit and vegetables, in our lawns and gardens and in our swimming pools, are known carcinogens affecting our endocrine, hormone and nervous systems. Infants and pets are at particular risk!! Read more about pesticide risk.

The list of harmful household and environmental chemicals is too extensive to include on our website, but you can find more scientific information about toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at Town Tox/National Library of Medicine.

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